Ten Steps To a Happier Life

2A4992D0-CDA9-4FB5-A06A-9CE2E6497EE7.jpgHappiness is something we all strive for, and yet it is the very thing that we often forget to prioritise. With the rise of social media, a pace in lifestyle and added pressure to succeed in aspects of our lives, it seems we need to take charge more than ever of our mental wellbeing. By adding in these daily practises we can live happier lives.

Ten Steps To a Happier Life

  1. Your tribe reflect your vibe
    Your tribe is your key to being you healthiest and happiest self! Surround yourself with people who uplift, support and love you.
  2. Your reason why
    Question why you are doing what you are doing in your life; from diet, to socialising, to your career. If the answer isn’t to create a better, happier life for yourself, begin to take steps to make positive change.
  3. Even lions need sleep
    Sleep is fundamental for our growth, healing and ageing process amongst a whole host of other benefits. Start to analyse the quality of sleep you are getting each night and try to get into a stricter routine. There is no one size fits all, so figure out what helps and supports you best. You’ll notice how much better you feel when you have long-lasting energy throughout the day!
  4. Remember to have fun
    It’s so important to remember to have fun! Write things that make you happy and write a list of these to incorporate into your week. A good laugh with your girlies will leave you beaming for days to come!
  5. Less screen time
    Putting down your phone, switching off your tv and moving yourself away from your computer will give you time in your day to actually enjoy life in all of its simplicity. Next time you want to sit on the sofa with an Instagram feed to catch up on, pull out a magazine you’ve been meaning to read, and see how much better you feel for it!
  6. Be kind to yourself
    So often we neglect ourselves in times where we’re feeling a little low, but by doing small, thoughtful things for ourselves, we can feel fulfilled from our actions. Maybe buy your friend as well as yourself a bunch of flowers? ‘Oh go on… I’ll take two biccies with my cuppa!’
  7. Future planning and succeeding
    Do you really want to be in that job for another month, let alone another year? Or do you want to take that leap of faith into the business idea you’ve been dreaming of every day for three years? Make a list of what you want out of your time. Make it realistic but keep the dream alive.
  8. Daily practices
    Some people thrive off a life on no routine, whilst others have to have the support of one. Start finding out what works for you and sticking to it for a month – you will feel so much better for it!
  9. Dress yourself happy
    Sometimes, fashion really does save the day! How do you feel when you’re in a bright colour? Do you feel happier in certain styles of clothes than others? Start digging through your wardrobe and finding what helps put a spring in your step.
  10. Mantra your way through the day
    Write a handful of positive quotes that you resonate with. Such as, ‘I am enough’, ‘I am in control of my happiness’, ‘I feel joy in today’. Repeat it throughout your day and see how your outlook on the day changes.

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  • Annick

    Dear Charlotte, Thanks so much for these 10 lovely and meaningful steps to a happier life. You are an amazing person. I love your Bloosmbury`s so much.. Hugs Annick 🙂

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