Super Creamy Tumeric Potato Salad

super creamy turmeric potato salad
coconut turmeric potato saladIMG_2256.JPG
I absolutely love when the days begin to turn from winter to spring, with longer days and warmer sunshine.

With days spent being more active on bike rides and runs, or late brunch picnics in the park, spring certainly does bring a spring into your step. I always notice a change in diet; I prefer brighter foods with fresher tastes.

Welcome my new favourite Creamy Tumeric Potato Salad.

With its deliciously creamy texture, uplifting coconut taste, alongside with the heartiness of a filling dish, this can be such a great way to win over loved ones; it was certainly a new firm favourite for mine!

You can cook and keep this in an airtight container for up to 3 days, so it’s great to make more to last you the rest of the week!


- 400g baby potatoes
- 1tsp tumeric powder
- 3 heaped tbsp coconut yogurt
- salt
- pepper
- fresh parsley
- 1tsp dried mixed herbs


1. Chop the potatoes and boil until soft
2. Drain and rinse the potatoes under cold water for several minutes, until totally cold
3. Add the coconut yogurt and turmeric, mix together until everything is blended and coated 
4. Chop the fresh parsley, add the mixed herbs and season with salt and pepper

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