Small Daily Changes for a More Grateful Life

72BF0E17-6EE8-4B73-9CE5-F91C46A1AA14.jpg‘Start each day with a grateful heart’

Gratitude is a daily practice that we can all make to improve not just our own lives, but others around us too. Because when you focus on how much you have in your life rather than what you do not, life gets that much more beautiful ♥️

Start each day with gratitude

Every day when I wake up I try to always remind myself how incredible it is to simply be alive! We often get muddled in our worries or anticipation for the day ahead before we’ve even got out of bed – so to remind yourself ‘I am alive, today is a gift’, will really help put your whole day ahead into perspective.

Write it down

Focus on five things youre grateful for when you wake and before you sleep. You can keep a journal, or repeat what you’re grateful for in your head. You’d be surprised just how quickly you can get your five points of gratitude!

Whisper it, speak it or shout it!

Vocalising your gratitude can be such a positive step at leading a more grateful life. Whether you whisper ‘I’m so grateful I made the bus on time!’, speak it ‘I am so grateful to have you as a great friend in my life’, or shout it, ‘today I am so happy to be alive!’. Sometimes just expressing our gratitude out loud can really put things into perspective not just for ourselves, but others too!

Hold the hug a little longer

Hugging has so many health benefits to us both physically and emotionally, but it also makes us feel connected on a deeper level. Free hugs anyone?!

Take it back to basics

Life has it’s challenges and can overwhelming at times. Stripping things back to basics and looking at the bigger picture can help with your sense of gratitude.

Wash with gratitude

So many others are not as fortunate as us to be able to use running water, having this awareness will help you value what’s often overlooked in our daily lives.

Just being here is amazing!

Take a moment to think about it, how amazing is it that you are currently standing on a little blue planet spinning around the sun in a universe infinite with possibilities? Life is the rarest experience we’ll ever have, so take a moment (or a few) to soak it up!


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