My Top Tips for using social media


There is no question that the rise of our time spent on social media is causing an impact on our self-esteem.

I am a supporter of social media. I use it and I find it to be a creative outlet that offers me inspiration, motivation and of course, a place to grow my community and brand. I prefer nothing more than seeing a customer’s message pop up, simply to say hello or send me a photo wearing their own CE! However, the endless scrolling through photos of others lives can impact our mental health and self esteem.

With the rise of how often we use social media, I hope these tips can help you find your own way of navigating it in healthier ways.

Stop scrolling to feed perfectionism

Perfection simply does not exist. It is our unique quirks, appearance, body, stories and passions that make us who we are. Focus on your own lane and enjoy thriving in who you are.

Stop beating yourself up

Because where you are today, where you are in this moment, is enough.

Compare yourself to yourself only

Become your biggest cheerleader, because you really are doing amazing!

People edit photos

People edit photos and that’s ok. Knowing that social media isn’t reality is integral to developing healthier views on how we view it.

Social media is a highlight reel

We are more likely to promote our best selves over our worst. We are naturally more inclined to share what’s going well for us rather than what’s going wrong. Having this awareness is so important in knowing what we share on our platforms.

You don’t see what goes on behind the feed

A highlights real will very rarely show the full story. We are all human and we all have our good days, our bad days and our challenges.

Everyone is on their own journey

Everyone really is on their own journeys, so try not to compare yourself to theirs. We are all so different and live our lives in very unique ways.

Do what makes you happy and healthy

Because after all, this is your life and doing what makes you feel happiest and healthiest is the best gift to yourself. That can be creating your own blog, connecting with others experiencing a similar journey to yourself or simply shutting off from socials. Whatever you do, do it for you!

Go on an unfollow spree

Don’t feel guilty about unfollowing accounts that make you unhappy on social media. It is so important to make it a warm and uplifting space for you to continue to flourish.

How is your relationship with social media? Have you felt the pressures to conform to a certain ideal? I would love to hear from you! Let’s chat @life.bycharlotte



  • Lisa H

    I have just joined your blog and wanted to say THANK YOU! I love that you take an everyday message and make it simple, fun and something that I can use in my own life! Thanks for making a busy California mom, slow down a bit & feel like it’s ok to think about myself for a few minutes! Ps- I own 2 of your handbags and LOVE them!! 😍

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