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Become a Stronger Version of You

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We all want to feel stronger physically, but how about in all aspects of our lives?

Today I want to focus on how we can feel stronger in our selves, as this helps our careers, relationships and lives flourish!

Learn to say no

Saying no is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve been given. Learning to speak up and say no has helped me in setting boundaries and focusing on my own journey.

Your Tribe Reflect Your Vibe

Start listening to how you feel after you meet with certain people in your life; for instance, do you ever come away from a dinner with a friend feeling totally happy, content and loved, or do you feel sluggish, self-conscious and intimidated?

Stop putting yourself out for those people and instead use that energy on those who build you up and leave your heart full.

Workout both your body AND your mind

Much like our physical bodies, our minds need a workout too; our brain, after all, is a muscle. Incorporating just 10 minutes of mindfulness practice, or having a toolkit of mindful activities; such as a walking, cooking, sewing, painting or playing an instrument, can really help your mind grow in learning what really matters to you.

Train your inner dialogue to be kinder

It’s true, the greatest bully you’ll ever know is yourself. But, whilst we have this bully inside of us, we also have our true, kind, compassionate, open-hearted selves – we just have to offer them the opportunity to speak up with the evidence!

Kindness is often seen as weak, or vulnerable. But actually it is the key step to making our strongest selves.

Live as you truly wish to

So often we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, but doing this only makes us feel lacking or unworthy. So spend time with yourself. Learn about what makes you feel truly happy and what doesn’t.

Admire your strengths and support your weaknesses

Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Having a visual presentation on where you thrive and where you struggle is such an important part of getting stronger. It means you can communicate more precisely to yourself as well as others about where you feel most at ease and what support you may need when you feel uncomfortable.



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  • Rosie

    You are so right! I love that about spending your time and energy on people who make you happy and leave your heart full. I spent the weekend with a friend who does that for me and I honestly felt so rejuvenated and my spirits were lifted! Thank you for being such a delightful inspiration xxx

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