Welcome to Life by Charlotte!

Back in 2011, I started my first blog. Created to be an expression of my then make-up obsessed brain, it was a place where I really felt myself come alive with hauls and swatches of the latest 3 for 2 offers in Boots.

Though there were many a post consisting of ‘my favourite coral lipstick’ (I had two drawers worth…!), it was also a place where I could express what my favourite band members, my go-to recipes, ramble on my forming world views, not forgetting many a OOTD from Oxford Circus Topshop sprees – ah, to be a teenager!

Blogging has been something I’ve dipped in and out of since then. From Tumblr to Blogger, from mini egg cakes to avocado mousses – things may have changed with age, but one things for certain, I always find myself coming back to writing, sharing and creating what I’m passionate about.

Prompted by the expansion of my leather accessories brand, Charlotte Elizabeth, so quickly overnight after The Duchess of Sussex wore The Chestnut Bloomsbury, I made the tough decision to delete my blog in 2018.

Though Charlotte Elizabeth brings me so much fulfilment and allows me so many opportunities to be creative, I’ve definitely missed having a space I can share my thoughts on the internet. A place where I can write, the same as how I’d speak to a friend, that helps me make sense of the world and where I stand within it.

I suppose that’s why blogging became so popular and has gone on to become a multi-million-pound industry within the past decade, because we all want to feel more connected and have a place to express ourselves in this world.

I hope to make this space one that you can find on both the rainy and sunny days. A place you can be uplifted and inspired, or soothed and comforted. It’s an honest diary of my business journey, my favourite recipes, my thoughts on relevant topics as well as posts from my beautiful CE Team, my besties and of course, you!

If you’ve got a story to share then I would love to both hear and share it. From depression to creating your own business, I want to hear from you!

So grab a cuppa, take several deep breaths and pause for a moment, this blog is for you!